Ronald Platt: lying fraud.

After the gruesome find of the 2 missing brothers Julian and Ruben some folks made bizarre statements, but this one takes the cake:  Ronald Plat wants to resurrect the brothers, no he’s not kidding, yes he’s a delusional scum-sucking shit-bag.

Satirical xian weblog Goedgelovig (literally: of good faith; actually: gullible. -T.O.M.) picked up on this from Plat’s FB page, newspaper Trouw asked him some questions as well, websites here: and here:—knettergek.dhtml

It’s disgraceful and disgusting how some people abuse horrible tragedies to claim some bit of spotlight over the backs of victims, shame on you Ronald Plat. And no Ronald Plat, you lying fraud, apologizing isn’t enough to ‘absolve’ you, bleh, you’re a disgusting excuse for a human.